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11/20/09 10:41 pm - LJ Sales

Hi--so sorry--bought the most gorgeous skirts off LJ recently and cannot for the life of me recall the girls' usernames!

Both were so fantastic and gave such great service!! If you're out there reading this THANKYOU! Please leave a message so i can adequately leave feedback x

8/21/09 08:56 am - AaTP sailor school jacket for sale

Gorgeous AaTP school sailor collar crest jacket from approx. 2006 ?? Worn a couple of times. Fully lined, navy blue (I had to fiddle with the contrast as my pics were quite washed out). Can easily tranform simple outfits into something truly special. Very versatile!
Genuine AaTP garment. Petites/juniors fit. Please see measurements below.
100% positive feedback on eBay under louisem6325.

Measurements laid flat.....

Across shoulders 14 inches
Across bust 16 inches
Length 21.5 inches

I will be posting from Australia....regular Air Mail will cost AUD$15.30, Registered Post will cost AUD $20.50 and Express Post International will cost AUD $56.50

Make me an offer

Pick up available from Sydney CBD by arrangement, otherwise pre-paid satchels used. Express/registered by request.

9/26/08 07:37 am - Big eBay sale!

Buy my stuff!!!!!


8/27/06 03:22 pm - Quick Update

Hey kids--just a quick update of last night's gig--went to see Bleepin' J Sqauwkins play at the Gaelic Club!!!!!! They were awesome and kicked it GOOOOOD even though I felt too self-conscious to dance!

Some pics ...

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7/14/06 01:57 am - Inapropriate!!

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